sunday May 20, 2007 5:16 PM CDT
Tyler’s big surgery is June 26th at MUSC hospital.

Hello everyone
Well Tyler missed the last couple days of school .Legs giving him a fit hurting.
We will be taking a road trip to MUSC hospital on the 31st and back again on the 4th of June so Tyler will also miss the last day of school.

He will have his surgery on June 26th. This is going to be hard I am so worried about Tyler. I just pray that every thing goes well that he Will get through. I’m so amazed at the strength this little boy has. He is truly a hero. I was moved to tears last night when he was telling my daughter in law that he was going to have surgery and he says that they are going to cut my jaw open and my leg, and then he smiled and said I will be ok. “My nanny and mama will be with me and my nanny ask god to take care of me. ”

My heart breaks for Tyler. I hope that he will not endure a lot of pain, and that he will not suffer. I ask god to please keep him safe.

I am going to have a yard sale in a couple of weeks to help pay for gas and food while we are in Charleston. Our funds are really low, and I’m hoping some one will donate food to stock the camper. They will be wiring Tyler mouth shut so we will be at the camper for a while he will have to stay close to the hospital. When he is discharged from his surgery. When ever that might be….

Thank you Pat Billington for the 100.00 Dollars this will be used to help with gas and food while in Charleston. Thank all of you that have sent cards and small gifts this really helps keep Tyler smiling, and he loves you all so much. You should just see that sweet smile when he looks at the cards
The last crayons and color books, and all the small gifts that he got is being packed for him to take to the hospital with him. Please pray that god will see us through all this and that our finances will get better soon. I have the money for our camper space for a month and will be going own the 31st to to pay for our camp spot .We truly love and appreciate you all.


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