Wednesday, May 9, 2007 5:16 PM CDT
Hey.Tyler’s surgery [jaw replacement ] is on the twenty sixth of June .It will happen this time it can take from ten to twenty hrs .They have the operation room for the hole day ,everything’s lined up .They will be taken the fibula from the other leg.and they will also remove the pin from the first leg that they took the fibula from .He will be cripple for a while .we are going to try to find some one that will take care of Tylers brother and the new babie I have while Tyler is in intensive care.Hoping to find a cheap nursery .We are also wanting to stock the camper with food so that we can go there to eat and rest and have nothing to worry about but tyty. THIS IS STRESSFUL,EMOTIONALLY,FINANCIALLY
I worry about everything .I will just ask god to take care of this .Its all in his hands PLEASE START PRAYING FOR TYTY .PLEASE ASK GOD TO TAKE CARE OF HIM .


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