Friday, April 27, 2007 2:14 PM
Hello .Well we are back home from Charleston .A little up set because they keep saying the same darn thing .They had Ashley sign the forms for Tyler’s surgery and said that they are Sceduling it .As all ways they will call in a few weeks.Doctor oneal said that they are going to have to Contac doctor Day and make sure every one still agrees with the whole team.This was already suppose to have been done He said that they are worried about hitting the nerve in Tyler’s jaw and that this would be bad .Tyler would really be messed up for life the surgery will take at least sixteen hrs and could take up to twenty four hrs .He said also that there are only 2 or 3 other doctors in the world that have performed the surgery that Tyler had on a 2 year old so the don’t really have a guide to follow.That this surgery was going to be a rough one.I ask if Tyler could die having this surgery and he said yes .That Tyler may not have a trach but would have his jaw wired .That he will be using the fibula bone from the other leg unless something changes before surgery.He said that while in surgery they will get the doctors to remove the pin from the first leg they done.He said that Tyler needs something done.If you don’t do it, he can’t eat or breathe correctly if you do it, he may die or be he will be in pain the rest of his life…..and the Doctors don’t agree on the treatment!
Poor Tyler…..I wonder why his leg is bothering him so much??
He also said that he knows Tyler was hurting but he don’t think this will take all the pain away .He said that Tyler will always have some pain.He is having trouble eating he chews and his hole jaw moves in a round motion ,He has to gum most his food.But has learned to eat a few different things .He has only a couple teeth and the roots are all dead and they are going to come out in surgery also.
I told doctor Oneal that I think they need to get something done. We are tired of going to doctor after doctor. being told the same thing .That we live a long way from Musc hospital and that it takes a lot of money to travel there.and have to stay two three days .That they have been planing this surgery a long time now.I think that they have held off doing the surgery as long as they can And Tyler is really having a hard time with all this.This trip in gas was ninety dollars and the motel was sixty nine plus food for two days.Now we are home waiting to see what they say next And waiting for the surgery date .
Tyler’s uncle Jermey is trying to get a web benefit started for Tyler and our family if you would like to find out about it please click own the hulk banner own Tyler’s page please please pray for Tyler and our family.This is something that affects the whole family .The cancers in remission.But the after affects are worst than the cancer .Its all in Gods hands .So I will just trust in him and known that thing s will be ok .All thing are possible when you have God.
PS.Patsy thank you and your friend for the train bank Tyty loves it.we are saving cans selling them and putting the money in his bank for a trampoline he wants.Maybe that will help his legs later.Thank all that have sent cards and mail Tyler loves it.BUT MOST OF ALL THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS . PLEASE KNOW THAT WE LOVE YOU ALL

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