Thursday, March 15th, 2007 2:09 PM CST
Hello everyone.sorry for not updating sooner.Things have been wild around here.Doctor Oneals office called and changed our app to April 5th.That was a good thing because it gave us a little time.I haven’t been feeling well maybe by then I will be able to make the trip.we may have to stay in a motel because we have to be there early that morning about 7 ,Tyler’s not in school hes been out 3 days legs hurting and hes seeing a doctor here today.I feel so bad that they will be taken the bone from his other leg to do the jaw replacement.Theres just no other way.The bone needs to come from him every where else is to little.I even ask if they could use my feblia bone I would give it to Tyler but was told no.Please keep praying for Tyler and our family.We went to a car show to help raise money for Courageous Kidz
A Safe Haven for Kids with Cancer”
this is a wonderful org.has help us in way So many times.They are just like family and treat you as family.Tyler was given a electric wheel chair FROM CORVETT WORLD AND COURAGEOUS KIDS.To use after he has his surgery.Tyler was worn out and didn’t make it the last day but papa and I went for him.Please pray that I keep my health so I can be here for tyty and Ashley I really don’t know what they would do with out me.I guess they would manage.I just worrie so much about them and Tyler has so much more to go through.Pray pray pray .God hears those prayers.
Then my grand daughter had her baby yesterday day the 14th by csection.He just wouldn’t come out.He weigh in at 7 pounds 11 ounces.Both are doing great.Baby came own my moms birthday. My mom passed the year Tyler got sick so I was thinking a lot more about her yesterday.shed a few tears.But aim ok. wanted to tell you that baby Jayden is doing great hes so sweet and crawing now.Hes a mommys boy.Tylers a nannys boy for sure.I MAKE SURE THAT I TELL BOTH BOYS I LOVE THEM EVERY DAY.
Hug your children,tell them you love them every chance you get.
Remember that children are a gift that is given to us and we need to
Make every moment a memory and never take anything for granted.
Tyty is loving all the cards he loves getting mail.when hes a little older we plan to start sending thank you to each one that has sent mail to Tyler. it will take us a while he has recived a lot and so appercates it,

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