Tuesday, March 6, 2007 2:09 PM CST
We just got home at ten last night from seeing doctor bock,well one more time things have changed.The men that they did the protean bone on are not doing so well so they don’t want to try it own Tyler .They said thatTylers ribs are to small to use and his hip bone is to small also .So they want to take the Fibula bone from his other leg.Said that is the only way.Except to wait till he was older.But that he needs the surgery now that his face will be sideways that he may not be able to eat with out hurting.They now say that we need to go to doctor Oneal on the 22nd and that he is setting the surgery up for six to eight weeks.At the end of April.that everything is in order. This is going to give Tyler two bad legs but he will get where he can walk again.Its so sad ,hes had so much trouble with the the first leg bone being taken out and had so much pain.Had to use a wheelchair and a brace.Therapy for a long time.That leg has a pin that has still got to be taken out.They think this bone will most likely live in Tyler jaw.First time they had to use radiation and they want use radiation this time.
All I can do is trust in the lord and know that tyty will be ok .Its all in gods hands.We have been to Charleston three times last month.That’s seven hrs round trip.
Its just so stressful and gas and food cost so much.we cant aford a motel room.Trying to save what I can for the surgery.we will stay in Charleston as long as Tyler is there.When they give us dates of surgery we are taking the camper down to stay in.Please pray that Tyler will be ok .Storm heaven for him.we know that prayer is the most inportant thing.pray that god will take care of all our needs finacally.For I know god is able.I will trust in him. also pray for me i havnt felt well in a while doctors say i have Sleep acme.Maybe ill feel better when i get treatment.had test a few days ago and they called said i neeed to come back to get set up for machine.Iam just so tired and worn out .
Darlene Cox

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