January 26-2007
Hello we are back from the visit to Charleston to see the cancer doctors.They want to send Tyler to a few more doctors because hes been so sick. Because of the nose bleeds and head aches.They are many more appointments for the endocnne doctors ,the opthamology,the pulmonarydoctors and for scans.They will call with our app.He also has to go back to doctor Besty Davis Dr Bach ,Dr Oneal and Dr Day about the surgery on his jaw they had told us about two weeks,so now we are waiting,It seems we will be driving back and forth to Charleston alot………I am so worried over Tyler and worried about how we will pay for everything…….thank Goodness I have faith………..
I wont to thank some people Steven from Feldstein Financial sent money for our camp space rent for a month. He also sent the wii for Tyler for Christmas.Thank you for being the caring person you are.we really appreciate all you have done to help us.You are one of Tylers angels. also Debby “Flash” Stephenson Founder/Director Courageous Kidz ,A Safe Haven for Kids with Cancer” this lady and her husband are wonderful they go out and do some amazing things for children.They went to this one home that has a child that is soon to pass away,they painted the child’s room and got new spread and fixed the childs beedroom up for her.They have done so much for us they have visited us at the hospital feed us.They are so good to us we have cried together and They have put many smiles own our face during this long journey with Tyler.They have paid for motels when we didn’t have money.And done so much more to help us.They even took us in there home this week feed us before our trip back to Greenville.Flash we love you and Charlie with all our hearts you are angels,not only Tylers but angels to a lot of sick children. Most of all I want to thank GOD.BECAUSE IF YOU HAVE GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIABLE
Jan -26-07


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