Hello Everyone,

What a week this has been! Things will get better, (I hope) We got him out of Greenville hospital where he was admitted and put on IV’s. Tyler was scanned, and then we were told he had two spots in his stomach. Said they didn’t understand why he was hurting. (You know what the first thing we thought…his cancer was back). So we took him to MUSC Hospital in Charleston, where he was admitted for a couple days. Getting IV’s and they gave him stuff to make him pee because he hadn’t in about five days. Tyler was still hurting and getting morphine pain medication. Here is what they said. The doctors at MUSC said that Tyler had taken so much pain medication that everything inside his intestines was hard as rocks. Said that this must have caused a infection. They told us that they were going to scope him but they never did. I never heard of such a thing so I called a nurse that I know she said that this is possible. Tyler is still hurting and we don’t know what to do. He has been through so much with the cancer that it has really messed his little body up.

Please keep him in your prayers. Tyler hurt so badly last night, he cried himself to sleep.

Thank all of you that continue to help us. You are angel’s here on earth. Tyler’s jaw surgery is still June 3rd. Thank you for our rooms Courageous Kids/Debby “flash” Stephenson and her husband Charlie. I want everyone to know that Courageous Kids are wonderful, loving and caring. It is the mission of Courageous Kids to “give the magic of hope” to our children and to allow these children to be “wonderfully ordinary” under very abnormal circumstances. And I also want to thank Happy Days for the food card and eighteen-dollar gas card. Happy Days have also been wonderful. Conner has been right there to help us when we need him. So thank you Happy Days so much.

Send snail mail:

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
P.O. Box 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

This is stressful, emotionally and financially.

Tyler Tucker Medical Fund Foundation:
Tyler’s PayPal Account for the Tyler Tucker Foundation:

All funds are used for traveling expenses, medical bills and therapy supplies for Tyler. Thank you. Please keep signing Tyler’s web page and storming heaven for him. We count each time guest book is signed as a prayer. It means a lot to Tyler’s family.

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