Tyler has been admitted Greenville Children’s Hospital

Hi, Everyone

Today Tyler has been having a hard time he is currently at the Greenville Hospital very sick. The doctors are saying he may need to get surgery if he has a blockage in his stomach. He has been throwing up so much that he is now dry heaving. He is in quite a bit of pain, and crying often. The doctors have also said they have found a spot in his stomach, and I pray it’s not something bad. Please pray for Tyler he is going through a pretty rough weekend. Thanks everyone!

Jermey (Tyler’s uncle)========================

Hello Everyone,

We finally got the date of Tyler’s surgery. It is in six weeks on June 3rd, 8 o’clock at MUSC Hospital of Charleston. Dr. O’Neal said that he doesn’t think Tyler will be there more than a day or two. It will be according to how Tyler does if he will have to stay longer. I sure hope they don’t do this and send him home the first day. This is a major surgery when they have to cut his jaw open. They will cut his jaw again and scrape the bone down so it isn’t sticking through his skin and hurting him. Tyler’s jaw is affecting his speech and we have to ask him over and over what he’s saying. He has a hard time eating. Dr. O’Neal’s office made Ashley sign a paper saying that they are not reasonable for scarring or if they should hit a vein and something happen to Tyler. This will be a twenty-seven surgery for Tyler.

Our preacher, Rev Ronnie Powell said he was going to try to be at the hospital for Tyler’s surgery. I think we will need about three days motel and food just to be sure. The one thing all of us can do is pray for Tyler and ask God to not let him suffer. His legs hurt all the time to the point now that he’s not able to go to school. He takes pain medication most days and wears his brace. Tyler also needs the ear surgery. We were told that it may be too much to do both surgeries at one time. He still cannot hear out of one ear. Gosh my poor little man has been through so much.

Tyler is in God’s hands I have faith that God is going to get Tyler through all this Tyler has been so strong now for four years. Please keep storming heaven for Tyler. The cancer clinic just called (good news) and said that the spots in the top of Tyler’s leg are nothing to worry about. Thank God. Thank all of you for your prayers, kindness, love and support. Please keep Tyler and our family in your prayers.

Send snail mail:

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
P.O. Box 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

This is stressful, emotionally and financially.

Tyler Tucker Medical Fund Foundation:
Tyler’s PayPal Account for the Tyler Tucker Foundation:

All funds are used for traveling expenses, medical bills and therapy supplies for Tyler. Thank you. Please keep signing Tyler’s web page and storming heaven for him. We count each time guest book is signed as a prayer. It means a lot to Tyler’s family.

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