Tyler Tucker

Hello, Tyler is still having so much pain in his legs and jaw. He hasn’t been able to go to school. When he gets there, they call for us to come get him. Tyler’s surgery is about eight weeks away. I pray that this will help his jaw and he will be able to eat, that maybe his trainer, Joe, will have some answers for his legs.

I have contacted the social services at John Hopkins to try to get an angel flight for Tyler and his mom and me, but I have not heard back from them. We found childcare for the babies while we are in Maryland for the surgery. I know Tyler will be needing our attention.

It will be hard to leave the little ones at home. Nathan is so sweet. He’s a good baby. Jayden and Ethan are also little sweet hearts (all boy). Please keep us in your prayers. Tyler needs them and our family needs them.

This is all so stressful. Please pray for all the others out there that are hurting that are watching their child suffer. Even if the cancer is in remission, some of the children still go through so much. This will be the thirty seventh surgery for Tyler. God bless, we love you all.

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