Hello Everyone,

Tyler has had a great week! Not as much pain in his legs or jaw and seems to be doing really well. He has been able to attend school. He’s also getting tutored to try to catch him up with the other kirsches still in therapy. I thank God for Tyler.Tyler and our family got to go to the circus. Tyler had a great time. He was smiling the whole time saying, “Nanny, I love you so much for bring me here!” I told him to always thank God and thank Sue and Steven, his angels that took their money and paid for him to go enjoy the circus. Thank you both so much. This trip to the circus will be a special memory; one that will never be forgotten. Go look at photos and look at Tyler’s smile. One happy kid.

We have four appointments in Charleston at MUSC Hospital this month. Two are on the same day he sees the oncologists on the 18th.He also has to go get blood work done. Then our other appointment is at the end of the month.

I want to thank Pat for copying all the wonderful movies for Tyler to take traveling. He loves them and it keeps the kids happy. They have to ride four hours there and four back, a long way for three little boys.

Please keep praying for Tyler. He is still got a long way to go. He will have a lifetime of doctors and hospital visits. He’s a trooper and knowing what he has all ready gone through, I know he will be okay. God is watching over Tyler and our family.

Once again thank you to everyone that helped with Christmas. You made that special for our babies. Thanks to Taylor for the McDonald’s gift cards for valentines that will be really good for the children.There’s not a whole lot of candy Tyler can eat but he sure likes milk shakes.

Tyler still loves getting the snail mail. Every thing that is sent to him is read to him. I also want to thank Patty for the afghan she made for Tyler. I know every stitch was made with love. We love and appreciate all you do for Tyler and our family.

P.S. Jayden and Nathan are doing great. Go see the new photos.

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