Well it’s seven more days till Tyler’s surgery. I want to ask that all of you please keep Tyler and our family in your prayers.

I known that God has been with us through 36 surgeries and he won’t let us down on number 37. Tyler told me he wasn’t afraid. I told him I was glad and if he wasn’t scared then I wouldn’t be. I told Tyler that I would get my strength from him because he’s so strong and brave. What a trooper!

As I look at Tyler and his little skinny fifty-eight-pound body, his little face, and think about the way he can’t sleep at night. He can hardly eat and his little legs are giving so much pain. I feel that this operation is the right decision. It’s our chance to give him some kind of normal life. I want him to be happy, play, jump, run and smile; go to school like other children his age do. It seems like all he does is sit playing video games and watching movies.

I have told his mom, Ashley, he doesn’t need to be playing video games all the time but, she says there’s not a lot he can do…without his legs or his jaw hurting him.

I want to thank each of you that have helped to see that Tyler gets to Maryland to have his surgery…it dosnt matter if you donated a dollar or a hundard dollars it is all appreciated. Thank you for your cards and books, movies and games. Tyler loves getting snail mail. There’s not a lot that makes him smile but getting mail does!

Donations for Tyler can be taken to any South Carolina Sun Trust Bank. Give them the name Darlene Cox for Tyler Tucker. It will be put in his account. You can also use PayPal, using my email address (click on the “Donations” tab).

We have a gas card that was sent to us.


I want to take a minute and thank a few people that brought a tub to my house to soak and message Tyler’s legs. This was a wonderful thing to do for Tyler and it is helping him.

Thank you Joe, Deddie, Mr. Banks and Steven. Thank you for Loving and caring about Tyler.

Its helping with the pain, Thank God.

Prayer works so please storm heaven for Tyler. He’s going to have a rough week next week.

We love you all.

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