Bad news. I am sitting here tears running down my face; I can’t stop crying. Poor Tyler, I had a call from Maryland Johns Hopkins Hospital. They will not accept out of state Medicaid. We were told that they have to cancel Tyler’s surgery. What’s left? What else can we do??? It took over a year to get this surgery!

We were packed and ready to get in the van when we get a call from Dr. Rodriguez’s office. First we were told that Dr. O’neal hadn’t sent his paper work to the Medicaid office; so we got on the phone to Dr. O’Neal’s office. Thankfully, he got on the ball and faxed everything that was needed and within hours, a lady by the name of Mavis had it approved.. Well, we are ready to go once again and then another call from Dr. Rodreiguez’s office telling us they wouldn’t accept SC Medicaid. Dr. Rodriguez is going to try a higher official and get the decision reversed, BUT, that may take a month or longer.

How could they do this? They had already made Tyler’s $2000 jaw. I was told by the secretary Courtney that Dr. Rodriguez will be calling me. We are devastated! We have letters saying that no Doctor in SC can help Tyler We also have an email note from Dr Rodriguez’s office saying that they will accept SC Medicaid if Medicaid will pay for Tyler to be taken out of state. Now all at once Johns Hopkins won’t take SC Medicaid. I know that God has a reason for everything but I just don’t understand; Tyler needs help and we are running out of options.

Tyler has no Doctor. Because of his 37 surgeries no one is willing to treat him. Dr. O’neal and Day have already given up on Tyler; they say that there is nothing else they can do. So we don’t know where he will get his pain medication. He has refills for only two more months. Eating hurts Tyler and he wakes up kicking the walls some nights in pain he lives on pain medication. His little legs hurt for hours afterwards when he goes out to play. He would like to be able to jump on a trampoline or wrestle and play with his brothers. But he has to be careful because his bones are soft and break easy. He just wants to be a normal little boy.

The Greenville News is coming on Monday to do a newscast about Tyler. Just maybe a doctor here in Greenville will see it and know how to help TyTy.

I want to thank all of you that helped with money and gas cards for Tyler’s trip to Maryland. You gave us piece of mind that we could make this trip and not have to worry about lodging, food and gas. I PRAY Maryland changes its mind and does surgery on TyTy, I promise I will be keeping all the money in Tyler’s account. It will not be spent except for medical care for Tyler. We know that with our this surgery Tyler has a very limited future.

Thank you for your prayers for Tyler. Also please say a prayer for me that my health will stay good, so I can be here for Tyler. I went to the doctor and was put back on blood pressure medication. All this has been so stressful.

Donations for Tyler can be taken to any South Carolina Sun Trust Bank. Give them the name Darlene Cox for Tyler Tucker. It will be put in his account. You can also use PayPal, using my email address (click on the “Donations” tab).

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