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Well, it’s been 12 days and no word from Johns Hopkins about Tyler’s surgery. The Greenville news is still trying to contact Dr Rodriguez’s because they have to talk to them before they can run the artical on Tyler in the paper. Dr. Rodriguez’s sectary said that they are trying to get Johns Hopkins hospital to reverse the decision and accept Tyler’s medicaid. She said it would take a little while and that I should not give up.

Tyler is still hurting in his jaw and leg and still taking a lot of pain medication. His new jaw is made and aiting for him at Johns Hopkins. Did you all know that there are only about two or three doctors that can do what Tyler needs done to his jaw? I feel that these doctors can fix Tyler’s jaw. I pray that we can get this done for Tyler to have a normal life. It just wasn’t meant to happen on the 16th of June. Only God knows why. I was so up set but know that I need to be counting my blessings and be grateful that Tyler is here with us, There are a lot of kids a lot worst than Tyler out there. A lot of family’s don’t have there babies .Thank you all for your prayers and donations. What money he has is in the bank and will not be used except for Tylers medical needs; for Maryland Johns Hopkins or MUSC Hospital, which ever one he needs to go to.

Tyler has to stay under a doctors care at all times. Thank you for the card and letters this is so much appercated. It helps so much to know you care. So from the botton of my heart, thank you. Please sign Tyler’s guest book to let us know you were there, and most of all, please keep Tyler and our family in your prayers.


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  • avatar Tammie says:

    I first read about Tyler via Richie Shannon’s web site. Richie was one of my daughter’s best friends. I visited Tyler’s web site a few times after Richie’s passing but it has been at least a year. I was so happy to find Tyler’s website and find that he is still putting up such a courageous fight. What a tough little guy he is and Darlene what a faithful and loving grandmother you are. Know that my family and I will be praying for all of you daily. God Bless You!!!!! Tammie

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