If anyone else has the same feeling that is our answer. Everyone is entitled to your beliefs, but if it’s hurtful the best thing you can do is hold it in. Our family has been through more then enough so please respect that. Please pray for Lia I don’t agree with her statements, but I wish her well.

From :

um have you guys even considered St Judes? Do they not help with these matters? And if you were leaving this in GODS hands, then why are you on here begging for money? I know SOOOOO many other children who have way more serious forms of cancer that do not go through the internet to try and get people to pay for your expenses. If you really are leaving this matter into gods hands, then why are you constantly putting that child through so many painful methods that are not obviously working? If it was meant to be, then one of the forst 32 surgeries would have worked.. Mybe it is time for you to let him go in peace and go with his maker.

My response:

St. judes wouldn’t take Tyler cause most of the work being done for Tyler at MUSC. We are not begging for money if people choose to donate that’s their choice. What would you do sit around and watch your child die cause you can’t get him what he needs? Other people may have other options or connections to do local fundraisers. Sadly we don’t have those connections we need. Your statement is incorrect as well we keep connections with many of the sick children online, and others need help as well. We hardly ever get donations as it is, but we do the right thing with every cent, and we thank god for what we do get. Donations are not the the reason why we made him a website. God can’t do everything that’s why he made us. We have to make choices, and learn from right from wrong. God didn’t want Tyler to die so we took him somewhere that God gave another human the power to help him. The same goes for online we build support, and prayers each day for Tyler.

Would you want to watch your love one die, and know in your heart you didn’t do anything to try to help him? Honestly your ideas on the whole thing are very stubborn, and ignorant. Tyler is alive, and a happy boy that’s all that matters to us.

I’ll pray for you cause I think you need god more then we do right now. God can’t answer every prayer alone that’s why he created us to do some of those prayers for him, and help each other. I know God doesn’t want you to judge someone else maybe you would have a better understanding if you walked in our shoes for a day. I’m not going to do that to you I don’t agree with you, but I forgive you and I’ll pray for you.

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  • avatar riridabratt says:

    The Lord helps those who help themselves, and that is why He has been there for Tyler in so many ways. It’s sad that people have to behave in the way that they do. My best friend’s son has hydrocephalus that is treated with a VP shunt which has become infected twice in less than 10 weeks, each time resulting in long hospitalizations. Kids are strong, and they’ll definitely pull through, that’s for sure. Tyler will beat this, and the Lord will make sure that he gets what he needs. My prayers are with you all.

    A MySpace friend,

    Rian Chasteen

  • avatar tinamarie says:

    I cannot believe someone wrote this you! I will pray for him/her as he/she needs the prayers. We have to do everything we can for our children. Unfortunately so many health issues take everything financially a family has. It is heartbreaking when a family cannot afford to do everything for their child that needs it. I am so glad you do get donations to help with Tylers medical expenses. You are doing everything you can for Tyler and keep at it. DO not let anyone get you down. He/She does not understand.

    You response to him/her email was perfectly written.
    Blessings to you.

  • avatar Darlene Cox (tyler's Grandmother) says:

    My answer to Lia
    God isn’t ready for Tyler or he wouldn’t have made it this far. God has plans for this little boy .That’s why we keep fighting.We don’t know or understand why things are like they are but i will fight for Tyler. as long as i have breath in my body.we all ready have so much pain to go through please don’t leave mean messages .if you were in our shoes aim sure you would do the same thing.We forgive you for saying all the hurtful things. And as far as donations its not coming from your pocket so don’t worry about that .Tyler has had very little donated .

  • avatar jbosari says:

    I need to say something here. I have been helping out with Tyler’s blog because I care so deeply for this little guy. I have never met him in person, but I know it is God that puts such a deep love in my heart for this child. Lia’s message causes me pain and I am sure it hurts everyone else who follows Tyler’s progress, not to mention the family that loves him so deeply and must watch his suffering each day. I hope someday Lia can open her ears to God’s message. Clearly, her ears are currently blocked by some pain in her own life. I hope we can all pray for her, just as we pray for Tyler.

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