Hello, Great news! Tyler will be getting his new jaw.

Medicade has approved everything and he will have surgery August 10th at 6 in the morning. He will be at the University of Maryland. Dr. Rodriquez will still do the surgery. We were told it would be 16 to 19 hours.

So please keep storming heaven for our sweet little Tyler. He’s all ready to get it done. Keep our family in your prayers. Maryland is a long way from home, but we are all set to go.Tyler told me he’s not scared and that I had to be strong. I could hardly believe he was telling me I have to be strong.

I want to thank each one of you for all your love prayers, and support. You have been wonderful. Thank God that there are so many people that love Tyler. Nanny wants to thank Uncle Jermey for all he tries to do to help. We love you Jermey.

Also Tyler has a teacher that comes out 4 hours a day. He is doing really well learning, and he read a small book to me today! I was so proud of him. He’s such a loving child. As you all know he’s my heart, my life.

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  • avatar tinamarie says:

    I am so happy to read the medicaid went through! Bless Tyler. I will continue to pray for him.

  • that is fantastic news, we need to keep praying now for tyler to have successful surgery, and the pain to be kept to a minimum, i will hold you all in my prayers, it is sometimes even more difficult to watch a love one suffer, you feel so helpless, so i also pray that god will be beside you each and everyday and for you to feel his peace, at this difficult time.
    god bless x

  • avatar riridabratt says:

    God truly works miracles, that’s for sure!!! Yay!! The surgery will go beautifully, I’m sure of it..many prayers for Tyler!!!

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