We went on a trip to Charleston to Kids cancer kids reunion and it was wonderful. I have never seen so much food and things to do.They had a huge blow up water slide and Tyler played on it all day. He also rode on an air boat with his therapist that flew in from New Jersey just to spend the day with him. Thank you Joe. You made the day special for TyTy. He played like I have never seen him play before. He wore himself out and had to take pain medication for his legs. He was asleep through the big wonderful supper that was at Flash’s house. It was great to see all the wonderful families and kids that were there having so much fun. It was a wonderful time and so good to see Tyler play with the other kids.

When we got home Sunday night, Tyler’s papers was here to go in to the hospital in Maryland on August 10th for his jaw surgery. I pray that this surgery is going to fix Tyler’s jaw. Please keep praying for him. It’s only two weeks away now. Everything is aproved. All we need now is a complete check up. That has to be done before surgery. All the doctors here ere saying they have no appointments open untill september, but I have one that has promised to do it on her dinner hour. She told me not to worry, she would get it taken care of. I sure hope she keeps her word to us.

I will keep my faith and trust in the Lord. I’m going to carry Tyler’s Bible with us to the hospital. Well, I am going to Tylers doctor here in Greenville this morning to get papers filled out and to get things set up, then off to get x-rays for myself at the hospital. There’s one thing that we can use and is very important to our family and that is your prayers. Prayer works and God will hear those prayers.

God bless we love you all.



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  • so glad ty ty had a lovely day out. it probably means so much to him to play with other children and have a good time. he really needs things to focus on at the moment. i hope hes not too anxious, it must be so hard for you all not to focus on the forecoming op, but god will take care of everything, you can only do your best, and leave god to do the rest. i shall continue to keep tyler in my prayers. i hope he recieves his parcel before he goes to hospital. i ask that god will be close to you all and continue to give you strength and peace. x

  • Be strong little man god is with you,im praying for you me and my husband.Im so sorry your going through it when i seen your page i wanted to break down in cry.you and your family is my prayers.

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