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Greenville 8-year-old faces crucial surgery for cancer

Here is a copy of the original article from the paper.

Tyler and mom, Ashley

Tyler and mom, Ashley

3 Responses to “Story About Tyler from the Greenville News”

  • avatar MissKatherine704 says:

    Tyler Tucker you have simply touched my heart <3 I'll be praying for you =] The best of luck with your surgery coming up.

    Much love from Statesville NC

  • my thoughts and prayers are with you each day as you prepare for tylers surgery. i think getting it in the press is a brilliant idea, and it cant hurt, who knows who will read it, and may be able to help. anything is worth a try. i admire the courage and strength you are all showing, tyler is truly blessed to have such a loving and caring family. may gods love and peace surround you all every step of this difficult journey. x

  • avatar MissKatherine704 says:

    Tyler Tucker you have truely touched my heart! I will keep you in my prayers and I hope all goes well with your upcoming surgery =]

    Stay strong tyler

    Peace and Love,
    Miss Katherine

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