Here is Tylers new address at the hospital:
Tyler Tucker
c/o University of Maryland Med Center
22 S. Greene St.
Baltimore Md.21201
Pediatrics 5th floor Room 12

He has stepped down from intensive care but will still be moving again as he gets better. He had a reaction to medicine and went into withdrawl. For two days he was seeing things bugs flying saying wierd things and fighting…just wore himself out. He’s okay now. They have changed the medication. His face looks great and I am so proud of him and Dr. Rodriguez. Tyler still has that virus I think they called Mercy.

Your prayers are working and I really think he is improving fast.
Thank each of you and please keep praying!
We love you all. He has lots of stitches and he cannot walk yet or eat, but hasn’t gotten a feeding tube yet. If Tyler keeps improving I don’t think he will be here long!

Dr. Rodriguez says Tyler is doing well and will have his doctors waiting in Greenville. The staff are all wonderful and treating us really well. Tyler loves mail so we welcome all cards.

One Response to “Friday, August 14, 2009”

  • so glad you could let us know how tyler is doing. ive already posted him a parcel to the usual address, but it will probably take about 10 days from the uk anyway. i do hope tyler received the last one.
    thank god, he really is at tylers side, and it must have been very distressing for you all, seeing him upset, but he probably didnt know much about things, because of the effects of the anasthetic.
    i will continue to pray, for you all, try to rest when you can, you have a long road ahead of you, but with gods help youll soon be homeward bound.

    gods blessings to you all.x

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