Hi Everyone,

Tyler is doing really good. He gets the drain tube out to day and gets moved out onto the regular floor. He can’t talk or eat as of yet and can’t walk. We are working on that. Tyler got a visit from MIRACLE KIDS today and we were so happy to see them and really apercate them. They helped with a donation. Thank you Sandy.

I truly believe that God placed Dr. Rodriquez in Tyler’s life; that Tyler has been used to save so many other children. Look at all they have learned at MUSC from Tyler. What a blessing. His little face looks so good. Thank you Jesus. Thanks to a lot of people that have made this happen for TyTy.

GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU and thanks to all the people like Jessica that has help so much with updating tylertucker.com and making a donation. WE LOVE YOU AND TYLER IS ON THE WAY TO RECOVERY!

He will be in a regular room tonight. I will post the phone number and address as soon as I can get on line again.

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  • so pleased tyler is doing well, praise god. we have prayed for tyler at our church, and will continue to pray for you all. he is one special boy, and he has been blessed with a lovely family. may you all find peace in gods loving care.x

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