Hi Everyone.

Tyler is doing great and his face looks so good. He’s doing so well that the doctor said we can take him to the RMD House tomorrow and stay there a few days and then Tyler can go home to

The doctor is thrilled at the recovery Tyler has had and said Tyler is the best paitent he ever had. He has a doctor waiting on Tyler in Greenville. We don’t know about the legs yet. We may have to return to MUSC for that.

Thanks for all the prayers. That is why Tyler has done so well (although he still has that virus). Thank you all so much.

Posted by Jessica for George Cox, Tyler’s grandpa.

2 Responses to “Sunday, August 16, 2009”

  • hi to tyler and all his family
    hope things are going ok, just wondering if youve received parcel i posted, you never know with postal service. love and best wishes lorraine from the uk. god be with you all x

  • hi hope tyler is continuing to improve. and that you all are feeling gods peace as you go through this difficult time. god bless you allx

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