Hi everyone,

Tyler is at home. He has been doing well, but did have a lot of pain yesterday.Tyler also fell trying to get out of my car.

His face looks good but he still has to have a lot more surgery. We go back to Maryland on October 22nd to see Dr. Rodriguez. He will tell us then when the next surgery will be.

We have to take Tyler back to MUSC for his legs. They had to cut Tyler’s leg again to get muscle and vein tissue for his face. There is a long cut from his knee to his hip, but it is not very wide like in the other surgeries.

Tyler’s jaw was cut from ear to ear. They also removed some of his few teeth. Now he only has about three. I hope they will be eventually able to make Tyler some teeth.

Tyler is also in a wheelchair because he cannot walk. Hoping this will get better soon. He still has along way to go. Tyler will be home bound for the whole year.

I want to thank God. We had a really hard time at first. I though Tyler wasn’t going to make it. He was not breathing own his own. He also was swallowing till he looked as if he would burst. All I could do to help him was pray, so I prayed, and God heard our prayers.

Thank each of you for your prayers love, support of Tyler and our family. Because you all care so much Tyler lives.Tyler also got a quilt from Coles Quilts. It is beautiful and he loves it, thank you. I can’t name everyone, so just know how much we appreciate all of you. We still have a long way to go but I still think God sent Dr. Rodriguez to Tyler. He’s a great surgeon and I think he will someday give Tyler some sort of a normal life.

Any one that wants to help Tyler can donate to any Sun Trust Bank in SC just by giving the name Tyler Tucker. If you are out of state, you can donate here at tylertucker.com. You can also send donations to Tyler’s PayPal address, .

While donations help us pay for Tyler’s doctor’s appointments and the cost of gas bringing him for treatment, what Tyler really needs is your prayers. Thank you all so much!

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  • praise god, its so good to hear good news about tyler, he looks wonderful, and so well. at least this part of his ordeal is over. its upward and onward from here. and with the love you all share and with gods help it will become easier everyday., god bless you all x

  • hi can you tell me if tyler is recieving my posts? god bless x

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