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Tyler’s jaw still looks good, but there is still a lot of swelling. He will see a doctor here in Greenville on Wednesday about his jaw. He is eating a little better but tries to hide to eat. That’s sad…he is taking pain medication it is helping to keep his pain under control.

We go back to Maryland in October to see Dr Rodriguez. I still think this doctor is the answer to our prayers. He’s amazing, wonderful, kind and caring. Tyler still has a long way to go so please, please keep praying for him.

Now for the bad news; we had to take Tyler to see Dr. Gross, in Charleston about his legs. They were really giving him a fit and he can barely walk. Tyler had x-rays. We were told that all the bones in his leg and foot have shifted and the screw is out. He needs surgery and will have to stay in the hospital. Dr. Gross said that it will only get worse and Tyler won’t be able to walk. We have to get in touch with the Maryland doctors because they will have to put a breathing tube back in and Tyler’s air way is not in to great shape. Tyler will also see an orthopedic doctor here in Greenville next week for a second opinion on his legs before we have anything done.

Tyler also has to go back to see Dr. White about his ear. He cannot hear. Tyler sees him in Charleston on the 23rd (in three weeks). I thought some of the traveling was going to stop, but it looks like I was wrong. We made the trip to Charleston Thursday and saw two doctors, then took Tyler to see the people at Johnson & Johnson. They are wonderful and told Tyler he’s their hero.

Tyler was really shy while he was there. I guess he though someone was going to do something else to him. He got in the car and said I forgot to thank them. Tyler is talking out the side of his mouth. On the way home we stopped at Shoneys. I looked at Tyler and he had turned facing the wall so no one could see him eat. It broke my heart.

Thank each of you for your continued love and support. We appreciate and love you all so much.

There are not a lot of people signing Tyler’s Caring Bridge page. If you have a minute, please sign the guest book. We count each time as a prayer for Tyler.

Tyler is getting his picture made for the Greenville County Cancer Society on Thursday. They are going to make a huge poster and use it for there fund raiser to raise money to help cancer kids. Then it will be given to Tyler. Tyler is in remission, but in no way is he well. The cancer has destroyed his little body.

I also want to tell you all that we just keep our faith and know that God is in control. God has Tyler here on earth for a reason. Look at all that has been learned to help other children. I truly believe God will some day heal Tyler. I will never give up.


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  • i too pray that god will heal tyler, and give him freedom from pain. i also pray for all his family, to have the strength to endure, and hope for the future.

    i was going to send another parcel but im still not sure if tyler is recieving them ,could you please let me know.x

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