Tyler went to the doctor about his legs today and was told the same thing Dr. Gross had said in Charleston. He will need surgery on his legs. The bones have shifted to one side, and the screws are loose. This will only get worse. The doctor said he was calling Dr. Gross for Tyler’s records today. He will be out of office for a week, but when he gets back he will call Ashley and decide what should be done and when. He will also get in touch with Dr. Rodriguez’s office. I wish so much Dr. Rodriguez could do the surgery. I really trust him.

Some good news; Tyler isn’t talking a lot of pain medication anymore! His jaw isn’t hurting, just his legs. He’s taking ibuprofen and it is working to control his pain. He is walking, but limping very badly and it hurts. Tyler has started eating a lot better but not gaining any weight yet. He’s a strong little boy. You all have been wonderful. Thank all of you.

We go to see Dr. White the 23rd about Tyler’s poor hearing and go back to Maryland on Oct 22nd to check on the jaw. I hope we can afford to fly this time. We were accepted for the angel flight last time, but they asked if some one could go besides me because of my weight. This hurt my feelings. I am going with Tyler some way. So, if any one has flight miles we could really use them.

Any one that wants to help Tyler can donate to any Sun Trust Bank in South Carolina just by giving the name Tyler Tucker. If you are out of state, you can donate here at www.tylertucker.com using the form on the right administered by PayPal. If you prefer to use PayPal directly, please send donations to Tyler’s PayPal address, at .

While donations help us pay for Tyler’s doctor appointments and the cost of gas bringing him for treatment, what Tyler really needs is your prayers. Thank you all so much! WE LOVE YOU ALL.

We have this all in Gods hands.

Tyler’s birthday is October 9th. He loves getting cards.

2 Responses to “Friday, September 18, 2009”

  • hi darlene, sorry to hear tyler has so much pain in his legs, and sad that he will have to have more surgery. but like you say hes a little fighter, and god is with him. im so sorry that you were hurt by the comments over your weight, but just remember its inside us what matters, and you have a huge heart, and tyler is blessed to have you as his nan.
    i wished you had free treatment like we recieve in this country, its so unfair, we all deserve a chance of good health. i will keep you all in my prayers and god will provide a good outcome we just need to keep trusting him. trust on the lord, and lean not on our own understanding, how true that is. take care x

  • i pray god will be with you as you attend your appointments this week, and that tyler will gain strength each and everyday. you are all in my thoughts and prayers. god bless x

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