Hello Everyone,

First, I want to thank God for all he has done for Tyler.

Look at Tyler’s new pictures (below). Thanks to Dr. Rodriguez, we are finally on the right track. Tyler’s jaw isn’t hurting and he’s eating and even gained a few pounds. We went to see Dr. White about his ear in Charleston. He said that the ear drum looks great. The hole is gone and he had a hearing test showing perfect hearing! I don’t know all that Dr. Rodriguez did, but this is amazing that the operation even helped with Tyler’s hearing. He hasn’t been able to hear well in some time time.

tyler2 tyler1

Now if we can just get his little legs to stop hurting…He’s not taking any prescription pain medication, just over the counter like Ibuprofen, so that’s good. We are still waiting to hear from the doctor here about his surgery (for his legs). I sure wish Dr. Rodriguez could do that too!

I just thank God we finally found someone to really help Tyler. He will have more surgeries. This isn’t the end, but I truly trust Dr. Rodriguez and thank him so much.

Our trip yesterday was twelve hours. We were all so tired when we got back home. We go to Maryland on the 21st and see Dr. Rodriguez on the 22nd.

We also want to thank Steven for using his flier miles to get our tickets back to Maryland. We could still use more flier points getting back home if anyone has some they are not using. He didn’t have enough for both ways. If not, we do have a little money that was raised and can use that. Just trying to do all we can. We know Tyler will be seeing doctors for years to come.

Any one that wants to help Tyler can donate to any Sun Trust Bank in South Carolina, just by giving the name Tyler Tucker. If you are out of state, you can donate at www.tylertucker.com using the form on the right administered by PayPal. If you prefer to use PayPal directly use my email address, .

While donations help us pay for Tyler’s doctor appointments and the cost of gas bringing him for treatment, what Tyler really needs is your prayers. Thank you all so much! WE LOVE YOU ALL.

We have this all in Gods hands…We love you all!

Please don’t forget that Tyler’s birthday is October 9th. He loves getting cards. You can send them to:
Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386 Greenville, SC 29610

3 Responses to “Thursday, September 23, 2009”

  • avatar jbosari says:

    Darlene, Tyler looks wonderful!!! I’m so happy to hear his ears are better and that he is gaining weight. I know you’ll get his legs under control soon. You have worked so hard and done so much. Tyler is so lucky to have a family that cares so much!

  • avatar Darlene Cox (tyler's Grandmother) says:

    Thanks so much Jessica for keeping up with Tyler page ,Thank you for caring about Tyler and our family.Thank you for all you have done to help us. For loving Tyler
    you are a kind caring lady.

  • wow god is good. im so happy tyler is looking so well. he looks marvelous you cant even tell hes had surgery on his jaw. what a marvelous surgeon.
    i will keep praying for tyler, but i sense tyler is special to god, because hes come such a long way, that sure shows gods beside him.
    take care all of you, god bless x

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