Hi Everyone,

Well, things here are good. Tyler was a happy little boy on his 9th birthday. He enjoyed going to Gettie Town. I want to tell you all that I took all the birthday cards, and he sat there with all of us and opened each of them with his dad’s help. He was all smiles. He looked at me and said, “Nanny, these people really love me.”

I just wanted to share that with you. I had gotten him a game for his Wii and his teacher came and gave him two games, then uncle Jermey got some more games, so he’s stocked up on games! Mom and Dad got him a jacket, shirt, and toys. He had a cake. He told me he loved me before we left and gave me a big kiss, of which Ashley took a picture.

I will post that along with birthday pictures later. Uncle Jermey took him home and played all day with him.

Thank you all for everything that was sent to Tyler for his birthday.

Tyler is still doing great with the jaw; it has not been hurting him. He still looks good, better than what it did. He’s having a lot of trouble eating and still tries to hide when he eats because his mouth doesn’t move quite right (moves in a circle). He will still have more surgery on the jaw, but he is a lot better now than he was a four months ago. We fly out to Maryland on the 21st of this month and have got a way there and back. Hopefully we can stay at Ronald McDonald House.

Tyler is all excited about flying. He’s all ready to go. Tyler is waiting to see the doctor here about his leg surgery, so not a lot to tell you about that, other than they are still hurting him. He is off the prescription medication and just using over the counter, which is controlling the pain. Thank God!

Please keep praying for my Tyler, he still has so much to have to go through. Hug your kids today and everyday; you don’t know what tomorrow may bring.

Prayers Needed

Also, please pray for Tyler’s friend Jessica Easley. She’s trying to earn her wings:

I’m sorry to say that Sammie passed away…please pray for their family.

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