Hi everyone,

We have made the trip to Maryland. The plane flight was wonderful! We did great with that. Thanks once again Steven for our tickets. Tyler loved to fly. We got to Maryland and got a taxi to the Ronald Macdonald house. We were welcomed by warm and kind people. Tyler got to play a few games and take a good bath before bed time.


The next day, we went to see Dr Rodriguez who was really glad to see Tyler. He took a lot of pictures of Tyler’s jaw and told us that there are a lot of people wanting to hear how he is. Dr Rodriguez told us that Tyler will need some more surgery soon to shape his face. He said that we were to get the legs operated on here in Greenville and give them a couple weeks to heal. We should then call and he will set the jaw surgery up for Tyler in Maryland. Tyler will only need to be there five to seven days and then we can bring him home. He also said that this will make a world of difference in the way Tyler looks. Tyler will have to even have more surgery on the jaw as he grows.

tyler 001

Dr Rodriguez said that he wants to help Tyler and make him as well as he can. I thank God that we found Dr Rodriguez! I can’t say, “thank you” enough to him. Tyler’s jaw is not hurting. He still has a long way to go, but I know he’s going to be okay as long as we have Dr Rodriguez.

We will take Tyler to see the doctor here Monday and set the surgery up for his legs. This will be on both legs, so I think he will be crippled for a little while. He’s strong and he will be okay. Please keep praying for Tyler.

Next I want to thank the Flights of Hope and their pilot, George for our great trip home. Tyler loved it and they were all so nice to us. Thank God for all these people that really care. They even sent us a free meal at Red Robin for Tyler’s and my birthday! It was sooo good. Also thank you to Courageous Kidz for there wonderful Halloween carnival. The kids and my self had a wonderful time. Thank you Flash and Cathy.

A Call for Prayer

Also Jessica Easley passed and they are having a tough time. Please pray for them.Jessica had arms stage 5 which is what Tyler had, only stage 4. I know how hard its been I’ve walked in their shoes, except they lost there baby and we still have Tyler. PRAY PRAY PRAY FOR THE EASLEY FAMILY.

There is also a little boy Ethan Joestad. He just found out he has the monster a few months back (arms cancer). He needs prayers too.

Anyone that wants to help Tyler can donate to any Sun Trust Bank in South Carolina just by giving the name, Tyler Tucker. If you are out of state, you can donate here at www.tylertucker.com in the PayPal donation box to the right (you might need to scroll down). If you prefer to use PayPal directly, please use my email address: turpin10648 [at] bellsouth.net.

While donations help us pay for Tyler’s doctor appointments and the cost of gas bringing him for treatment, Tyler still needs your prayers. Thank you all so much! We have this all in Gods hands…We love you all!

We are not asking you for money. This is only if you feel it in your heart and want to help Tyler. Tyler will need treatment the rest of his life. Thank you all so much! We have this all in Gods hands…We love you all!

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  • avatar char9220 says:

    Tyler is such a strong and brave young man. I am so glad that you found Dr. Rodriguez also, as Tyler is looking great!
    I am sorry I haven’t written in awhile, I do read everytime something new is posted though!
    Hugs and prayers to all of you,
    Ashley and Dennis’ mom

  • avatar everydaymatters says:

    great news that tyler continues to improve. We all need to thank God for giving Dr Rodriguez, the wonderful gift of being able to help people like tyler. If we look hard enough God always provides the answers, we just have to believe that. May you all enjoy this time between tylers surgery, and build up your strength for the future. god bless x

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