Hello every one.

There’s not a lot to say…Tyler is still doing great, pain free. This is just so wonderful. Finally he will enjoy Christmas like other kids! He’s got some awesome gifts. I will tell you after Christmas all about this gift…cannot wait to see his face!

Thank each of you for all you have done to make Christmas so special for Tyler and his brothers. Tyler and Jayden know that it is Jesus’ birthday and that they are celebrating the birth of Jesus.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you, we love you all.

As you are saying your prayers, please thank God for helping Tyler and our family. Thank Him that Tyler is now pain free. Thank you Jesus.

There will be more surgery on his jaw in February; we will talk about that later. We are going to just be happy for Christmas.

Also I want to say thank you to Jessica who takes her time to update tylertucker.com. She sure has helped us a lot. What a wonderful thing for you to do for Tyler.

We love you all so much!

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