From Charleston, SC news paper:

The family of a young boy is suffering from a rare form of cancer and his serious after affects and need your help and support.

Greenville, SC (Vocus) May 26, 2009 — Tyler’s 8 years of life has been a series of roller coaster highs, lows and upside down loopy loos of critical health issues starting at the ripe young age of two with a devastating diagnoses of stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer in his jaw. There are only a handful of cases of this cancer in the United States. Tyler underwent chemotherapy and radiation only to need surgery to replace his jaw bone.

The doctors removed the fibula bone from Tyler’s right leg for this surgery, shortly after this procedure Tyler received more bad news, the cancer had moved to both his lungs. One of Tyler’s lungs had to be removed and the chemotherapy treatments cleared the other lung. The jaw replacement surgery did not work so the Doctors at MUSC removed the fibula bone from Tylers left leg to once again replace his jaw; tragically this also did not work and the jaw bone died. Tyler’s only chance to regain any semblance of normalcy is to get a titanium jaw.

A Doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland has finally agreed to take Tyler as a patient, telling his family there are no guarantees this surgery will work. Tyler is scheduled to leave on June 16th! As though what Tyler has undergone is not enough, Tyler is in constant unrelenting pain due to the loosening of the screws in his leg and hips. Because of the radiation he received to kill the cancer in his jaw, Tyler has lost all of his teeth, but 5 and it hurts to eat. This child has bravely fought through 36 surgeries and counting! He has baffled and amazed doctors, nurses, family members, friends and anyone lucky enough to cross his path. This journey has been emotionally, physically and financially exhausting to this family, and is far from over.

Tyler and his family will need to stay in the Baltimore area for months in an apartment for the numerous appointments Tyler will require. They need support for traveling expenses, temporary living arrangements, food, therapy and incidentals.

Donations can be made to any Suntrust Bank in South Carolina under the Tyler Tucker Fund. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Courageous Kidz, a non-profit organization which serves children with cancer and their families throughout the state at 843-552-3131or 843-767-2129.

About Courageous Kidz
Courageous Kidz provides a safe haven for children with cancer, and lends support to the families who must deal with the trauma, pain, stress, and anxieties associated with life-threatening illness and difficult medical treatments. Our goal is to give children hope in an environment of their peers undergoing similar difficult challenges. Our main focus is on the children themselves, but we also support the family by providing information, education, and encouragement.


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Debby Stephenson

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